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Advertising the Clément Panhard

In 1900 Britain had three major motor car magazines; The Autocar, The Automotor and Horseless Vehicle Journal, and The Motor Car Journal. Looking through these magazines from 1898 onwards you can find a number of reviews of the Clément Panhard as it was demonstrated in France.


From 1900 onwards the British magazines started to carry a number of advertisements for Clément Panhard's. These appear to be motor car dealers who were bringing these 'foreign' cars across to Britain and selling them on to the public.


Sometime in late 1901 Stirling's Motor Carriages Ltd based in Scotland (formally J & C Stirling) were granted a license to import Clément Panhard's and sell them under their own name. I believe that Stirling's imported around 200 phaeton cars, some were sold with this body while some were given different body styles.


This advertisement is from The Autocar on October 12th 1901 highlights that a Clément Panhard or "Stirling Parisian Phaeton" had been driven from John-O'Groats to Land's End in a 'record' 59 hours.


For £150 you could be the proud owner of the "The Fashionable Light Car". The advert is quick to point out that among the owners of these "Parisians" are some of the BEST KNOWN SOCIETY NAMES!

Selection of advertisements

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